Friday, December 24, 2010

Swiss Puma Energy acquires peer Capeco in Puerto Rico

Swiss midstream and downstream essential oil company Puma vitality International, a system of essential oil buyer Trafigura, stated these times it has obtained Puerto Rico-based industry participant Caribbean Petroleum institution (Capeco) for USD82m (EUR62.8m). Puma vitality emerged since the productive bidder from the auction for Capeco, which experienced filed for bankruptcy defense within a Delaware court earlier this yr subsequent an explosion at a storage space facility. The Swiss facet will acquire Capeco's whole small neighborhood which consists of 157 locations, gasoline (petrol), diesel collectively with other fuel storage space services collectively with undeveloped acreage as well as a non-public deep consuming water jetty. most ideal after the implementation of environmental remediation performs in the storage space facility and an upgrade inside the small sites, scheduled for 2011, the small neighborhood will run below the Puma vitality banner. Country: , Puerto Rico Sector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/Coal Target: Caribbean Petroleum institution (Capeco) Buyer: Puma vitality global offer dimension in USD: 82m Type: company acquisition Status: Closed
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